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Title: I Know You (I Danced With You Once Upon a Dream)
Characters: Paul Graham, Tyler Jordan Graham, Kendall Graham, Theresa Graham, Harold Graham, and Orly Kinley
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3820
Notes: I realize that literally all I finished writing in the past two months is either AUs or not the characters I’ve been focusing on all year, and… that’s a problem. I swear I’m still working on the timeline. I have a LOT more to say about these boys. But… this is an AU. An Inception AU. Because this is how my head works. I don’t even fucking know any more. I’m in the middle of a bunch of canon stuff about Orly and Paul right now but I had to go off and doodle on the side. I swear I’m getting back to them in a big way.

Paul Graham is a solution in search of a problem.

”a )
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transcendental youth: a soundtrack for the Kinley siblings, collectively and individually.

no art, just music )
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all the words one man can speak: a soundtrack for Paul and Orly and putting yourself back together with the jigsaw edges of another broken person to make yourselves both whole.

restless nights and nervous days )
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Title: Four Conversations on a Theme
Characters: Quentin Kinley, Tyler Jordan Graham, Orly Kinley, Paul Graham, and like half of their family members
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3285
Notes: So this started with Donna asking Orly the questions, and then I realized that I wanted all of them to answer the questions, so I wrote three more conversations. To be fair to myself, I had an eight hour work day and no time to type when I got the idea, so by the time I got home I'd already put a LOT of thought into how half the conversations were going to go. They all went very, very differently, which makes a lot of sense given the families in question. (I just love contrasting Janet and Wendy. They're like polar opposites.) Timestamped for canon convenience, and I actually know what the fuck I'm doing with Tyler Jordan and Quentin now (cause I honestly didn't know where I was going with them a few days ago, I just wanted to pick them back up).

Timeline: November 2013 / a couple days before the first fight

Quentin is absolutely terrible at not giving himself away, and Janet is absolutely terrible, full stop. )


Timeline: February 2014 / three months after the first fight

Wendy asks the questions Tyler Jordan wasn't self-aware enough to ask himself. )


Timeline: Early April 2015 / six weeks before Turning the Page

Orly lets his mother in on his big plans. )


Timeline: Mid-May 2015 / just after Turning the Page

Paul's dad and sisters want in on these plans too. )
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Title: Pleasure For Now, Love For Always
Characters: Orly Kinley and Paul Graham
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3020
Notes: I have an actual timeline for these stories now! They all make sense in order! I'm very proud of myself. Usually either I write things in order or I don't write enough for there to be an order, but there is a whole Kinley-Graham continuum now. I will be making a post listing everything in chronological order as soon as I post one more thing I'm working on. But I went back and added timestamps to all the older stories and some of the backstory, and I'm quite pleased with the way they reference each other. (Just let me be stupidly proud about this. I'm so bad at writing things out of sequence usually.) ANYWAYS, I just wanted an excuse to write some really dirty porn, and then they went and got all fluffy on me (like they do) and now it's fluffy smut (which, as we all know, is my specialty). So! Paul's thirtieth birthday.

also, I was going to use an Alt-J lyric as a title, but "turn you inside out and lick you like a crisp packet" is kind of wordy and I'm not Fall Out Boy with the sentence long titles, even if it is painfully apt.

Timeline: February 4, 2015

first with the sexy and then with the snarky. well, kind of with the snarky during the sexy. okay these guys never shut up but it's endearing. )
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I just finished casting the Kinleys and the Grahams entirely... all the boys got cast back in 2006, but the parents and sisters weren't very important back in the RP days. But now that I'm writing about them again and their families are making a lot more appearances, I figured it was time to put faces to all the names. So.... let's meet them all!

The Kinley family )


The Graham family )
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Title: Turning the Page
Characters: Orly Kinley and Paul Graham
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 4888
Notes: I just can’t even with these guys and how adorable they are. Gratuitously fluffy feels all over the place as their relationship evolves.

Timeline: early May 2015
date night! )
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Title: All Bets Are Off
Characters: Orly Kinley and Paul Graham
Rating: PG
Word count: 810
Notes: Janet is just way too amusing to me. And I might have a thing about Orly's mouth. If you hadn't noticed.

Timeline: September 2014
and this is why you don't make bets with hellbeasts )
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Title: 'Til Morning Comes, Let's Tessellate
Characters: Characters: Orly Kinley and Paul Graham
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1020
Notes: This basically goes right after Snow Days but I didn't want to just append it to the longer story after I'd finished writing that one. Have some hurt/comfort! Heavy on the comfort, cause that's how I do.
Timeline: a couple hours after Snow Days

so about those nightmares... )

Snow Days

Jan. 24th, 2015 10:57 pm
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Title: Snow Days
Characters: Orly Kinley and Paul Graham
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 8100
Notes: Back when these guys were fresh in my head I ordered a set of dogtags for each of them, swapped one tag on each necklace, and gave the other set to the person who played Paul. I still have mine, I don’t know if she still has hers, but I found them when I was cleaning out a box and I said “oh, wait, what happened with them?” They were both pretty recently home from overseas back then; I imagine this being about a year and a half after they met, even though the timeline is INCREDIBLY fudged because I wanted to reference current events. They should be turning 35 this year but this is just before Orly’s 29th birthday because apparently they’re time lords.

...also, I made a playlist for them because that’s what I do, and here it is, please listen because I really love how it turned out.

Timeline: early December 2014

winter sucks, but we have love to keep us warm )
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So I'm writing about Orly and Paul, and it's cute and fun and I really like them, but they pretty much exist entirely in my head and an archive no one else can access. So I thought I would repost some of their history to give a little context to their imminent present. All this stuff got written in 2006-07, but I'm adjusting the timeline to account for the new stuff with them being set modern, which kind of fucks with the whole army timeline, but I'm in this for the love story, not war accuracy. Unfortunately, none of the RP logs survived, so all I have is what I wrote, which means that how they met (which was adorable and Paul gave Orly a little owl because 'o rly' was relevant back then) is lost to time, but their younger brothers became roommates and thought it would be smart to introduce their war vet brothers and... yeah, anyways, here's some stuff about Orly's family and little snippets of the first few months of their relationship.

the Kinley family tree )


how Orly ended up in the military )


Orly's dreams after he comes home )


the afternoon Paul and Orly met )


a silly little non-canon Halloween snippet that I just really liked )


Orly's birthday, December 12 )


a New Year's snippet )


Paul's birthday, February 4 )


well, Paul asked for it... )


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