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Title: Protection
Characters: Dewey Ceinion, Ambrose Parker
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 4715
Notes: Okay, so these two actually have a lot of history. They were characters for a roleplaying game, Dewey was mine and Parker was Kristin's. I used to write about them... well, pretty much they were all I wrote about in the summer of 2008. Heroes dragged me away from the original character scene, but I really like these guys and they're fun to write porn about so in January on the train when I started to write just to get words out of my head, I ended up writing them. If you care to see any of the other stuff about them, Dewey's the most used tag on my original fic journal, and half of the stuff about him is about him-and-Parker... there's a zombie story and an alternate universe where Dewey is a corrupt cop, but none of the actual backstory on them because that's all lost to RP logs and some unmemorable journal site, as far as I can recall. Out of all the original characters I ever created, Dewey was one of my favorites, and the last one I played, so he's doubly special to me.

And if you don't care about the history and you just want to read this, it might help you to know that Dewey is played by Gareth David-Lloyd and Parker is played by Robert Downey Jr. And if you care later, this is what happened with the Del Rico heroin deal.

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Title: Four Minutes
Characters: Ethan Rackham, Amos Larkin
Rating: R
Summary: Four minutes left to go, is this the end now?

Ethan hadn't been in London long-- barely time to leave his bags at the hotel and find a decently cleanly pub to sit and drink a few pints. He was standing at the bar, making small talk with the smirky dark-eyed bartender, when a sudden shrill alarm cut through the air and the television in the corner went black, then showed a test pattern.

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It's almost impossible to get out of a cell phone contract. It's a fact of life in these days, unless you're willing to drop a chunk of change for the privilege, you're stuck with the service.

Paul is eleven months into his two-year contract when he gets into a car accident. He's one year in when the doctors admit there's nothing more they can do.

He's been buried for a week before his mother's phone rings, displaying Paul's name and a tiny picture of her son on its external display. When she opens the phone, shocked and ready to tear into the prankster who's playing with her emotions, it's like a punch to the chest to hear the soft, almost whispery voice-- the soft familiar voice of her son.

"Mom? Are you there, Mom?"

Paul Farrell is the first one to call from beyond the grave. No one can explain why it's happening, and the only pattern is in the unfinished contracts; there are no calls from people who used a monthly plan, a pay-as-you-go, nothing from those with only land lines. There's no mercy to it; a jackass with a brand new plan makes prank calls that can't be returned or responded to, while a father of five gets only a few days to console his family before his line goes as dead as the rest of him.


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