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Title: Things Worth Waking Up For
Character: Dewey Ceinion and Ambrose Parker
Rating: PG
Word count: 608
Notes: Like 12 hours after True Love's Kiss. Gwen was not kidding when she said Nerys was about to pop.

the wonders of modern technology as applied to baby pictures )
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Title: True Love's Kiss and Other Problematic Tropes for a Chronic Anti-romantic
Character: Dewey Ceinion and Ambrose Parker
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 6583
Notes: It's Thanksgiving. I got nostalgic and re-read all the Dewey and Parker stories. I wanted to revisit these guys and see what they were up to with a VERY fudged timeline. So... figure this is about four years after they met, a year and a half after they got together for the first time, 14 months since Dewey broke his leg and Parker met his mom (which I started writing and never finished, jeez), 9 months since the invitation and 6 months since Nerys's wedding (which I also started writing and never finished, purely as an excuse to put Parker in a suit).

Dewey had to work last Thanksgiving, but this year he's got plans. )
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Name: Ambrose Parker. Known by surname only.
Hometown: New York, NY.
Age/Birthday: 43, August 9, 1966.
Archetype: The Journalist.

History: New York wasn't good at all. Leaving the city was something like leaving an abusive spouse or quitting a bad habit. Uphill struggle that should've made him happy, once it was over and he was out. But it just left him with one less place to go and an empty feeling inside.

The reason why New York wasn't any good for Parker was because of the drugs. It was like, in his neighborhood, it was impossible not to get hooked on the stuff. And of course it was the eighties and everyone and their mother was snorting cocaine. Especially that city. Sometimes he swore you could get high just walking down certain streets. The parts per billion of coke in the air had to be pretty high. And Ambrose got into it, hard and fast and undignified. By the time it was over, he'd burgled his own sister to get dope money. Robbed tons of other people. Hell, he'd even tried to pawn his mother's engagement ring. Wasn't worth anything, though. Good ol' dad had given her a cubic zirconium. Cheap bastard.

So the thing that finally got him to leave New York was the engagement ring thing. After that, he realized that he'd sunk as low as he was even remotely comfortable with. Any lower, and he'd be irreversibly scum. He left New York, spent about two months in rehab, and then found himself a good gig in Boston, with the Herald. He worked there, dutifully and uneventfully, for about ten years. After about seven, the itch started to set in. He was bored, sick of the same shit day in and day out. Maybe if he just started having more entertaining weekends, the work week wouldn't seem so bad. The cocaine came back, and with it came all sorts of problems. He met a girl, Crystal. Stripper, but only doing it to pay for school, so that was all right. Crystal knew this guy, this dealer, who got some pretty decent shit for a pretty good price. What Parker didn't know was that Crystal was sleeping with the guy; he should've known, looking back on it. Why else would they get coke that cheap?

But he didn't know, and Crystal fucked around on him for a few months. Parker started spending more time high - "weekends" became 'Thursday night 'til Tuesday morning' and then most of his weeks were a blur, too. His writing started to suffer a little, and that's when the big thing happened. One weekend, he going up to Crystal's dealer's place, on his way to pick up enough to get him through a couple of days, and all of a sudden there's some shooting and blood and a lot of shouting, and all Parker can see from where he's ducking down in a ditch is the fucking mayor - the fucking mayor - driving off. Crystal's dead, the dealer's dead, a bunch of people he doesn't know are definitely dead, and Parker's pretty sure the fucking mayor of Boston just took off out of there.

So he went in to get some coke and he left. What? It's not like they were going to use it. The cops were just going to destroy it. Or take it themselves, the bastards. No harm in taking some with him. It's what Crystal would've wanted. And yeah, it fucked him up to go in and see them like that. He erased his name from her phone and the dealer's phone, and took off quick before the cops came.

Before he had time to think about what he was going to do, there was a knock at the door. Long story short, someone was giving him an awful lot of money - not to mention a nice job at the Las Vegas Sun - to get out of town and forget all about the night before. It was an easy way out, one that Parker was looking for, and he took it. Boston wasn't any good for him, anyway. He was on a plane the next day, thankfully not getting caught with a pound of cocaine in his luggage.

It's been ten years since the thing in Boston with the stripper and the coke (as he's started calling it, in his head) but it still haunts him a little. After that pound was gone (oh, it took him a while - he was set for a long time) he didn't do anymore. He checked himself into rehab (again) and when he got out, he went back to work at the Sun and earned himself a reputation for digging at a story, for not letting go of a thing until he got to the bottom of it. All because of that one that got away from him, the time he let himself be bought.

Personality: If he's got any humor at all, it's so dark and sarcastic it's barely even distinguishable from crankiness. He rarely smiles, especially at his own jokes, and to hear him laugh is a rarity. He smokes like a chimney, and has a cigarette hanging from his mouth at basically every turn. He's somewhat indecisive, and sometimes consults a Magic Eight Ball. He doesn't believe in it or anything, it's more a decision-making thing. Better than flipping a coin.

He has a weak spot for damsels in distress, and an even weaker one for people who can make him laugh. If you earn his trust, you've got a friend for life - but that's not as easy as it seems.

Parker tends to waver back and forth between 'user' and 'non-user' when it comes to drugs. He tries to be careful, but it never ends well and he knows that. Still, he's bad when it comes to temptation; he has a bad habit of giving in.
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I... went into photoshop and made pictures of Dewey and Parker together, because I am a huge fucking nerd and I love my original characters.

you know you wanna see. )



May. 9th, 2010 03:01 pm
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Title: Painkillers
Characters: Ambrose Parker and Dewey Ceinion (yes, in that order)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2150
Notes: Now I'm really just being self-indulgent playing with these two. For the first time, something in Parker's POV and not Dewey's! Well, third person POV still, but. Parker. I spent so much time tonight desperately trying to find any shred of his backstory I could and came up woefully short. Only one person in the world knows exactly what happened in Boston, and she might not even remember... and I don't have the balls to say "hey, remember these guys? yeah, I still write about them, could I have Parker's character sheet please?"

there is a reason Parker doesn't let people choose their own ringtones. in Dewey's case, the reason is because he's obnoxious, and that didn't stop him from doing it anyways. )
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Title: Terms of Endearment
Characters: Dewey Ceinion and Ambrose Parker
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1050
Notes: For the [livejournal.com profile] mmom challenge. What's more masturbatory than writing characters nobody else cares about? Writing about them jerking each other off, clearly. I entirely blame this story on Robert Downey Jr for being too gorgeous, just so you all know. (Because that's who Parker looks like... yeah, shut up, it's entirely self-indulgent and I had more fun writing this than I've had writing anything in over a month.)

sometimes when they sleep together, they actually only sleep together... )


Feb. 14th, 2010 01:49 am
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Title: Protection
Characters: Dewey Ceinion, Ambrose Parker
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 4715
Notes: Okay, so these two actually have a lot of history. They were characters for a roleplaying game, Dewey was mine and Parker was Kristin's. I used to write about them... well, pretty much they were all I wrote about in the summer of 2008. Heroes dragged me away from the original character scene, but I really like these guys and they're fun to write porn about so in January on the train when I started to write just to get words out of my head, I ended up writing them. If you care to see any of the other stuff about them, Dewey's the most used tag on my original fic journal, and half of the stuff about him is about him-and-Parker... there's a zombie story and an alternate universe where Dewey is a corrupt cop, but none of the actual backstory on them because that's all lost to RP logs and some unmemorable journal site, as far as I can recall. Out of all the original characters I ever created, Dewey was one of my favorites, and the last one I played, so he's doubly special to me.

And if you don't care about the history and you just want to read this, it might help you to know that Dewey is played by Gareth David-Lloyd and Parker is played by Robert Downey Jr. And if you care later, this is what happened with the Del Rico heroin deal.

A day off didn't mean a day doing nothing. )
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Title: Do You Like Me, Check Yes Or No
Character: Dewey Ceinion
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1205
Notes: [livejournal.com profile] itsproductivity 4/21, 4/22: Haggling; start with a phone call, end with a locked door. How much do I love writing Dewey and Parker bantering? SO MUCH. Even if it isn't so gret akshully.

"Stop calling me while I'm working." Dewey left his phone in his hand, and it rang a moment later. "I knew that wouldn't work."

"Score one for the detective," Parker sounded unnaturally cheerful, "keen minds like that keep the city safe. Are you actually doing something, or are you just on the clock?"

working hard, or hardly working? it should be legal to shoot people who ask that question. )
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Title: Got to Spend Some Time
Character: Dewey and Parker, Bad Cop AU
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2536
Notes: [livejournal.com profile] itsproductivity 4/17, 4/19, 4/23, and 4/30: Falling from grace; a time you did something you didn't want to do; this is not about... ; an injury. This is the Bad Cop AU, and Dewey's particularly bad in this one. Warning for non-con and the fact that I wrote this in a notebook over a week and a half of very scatterbrained days. >>

Sometimes it was useful having a journalist on my speed-dial. Parker and I were in good places to help each other-- I helped untangle a few legal knots, he dropped a couple big leads on dealers that needed and got put away right quick. Sometimes I tip him off for a story, and he keeps the press positive for the boys in blue. All very mutually beneficial.

valet service comes with an automatic 20% fee. )
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Title: Above the Fray
Character: Dewey Ceinion (&Ambrose Parker)
Rating: R
Word count: 1043
Notes: [livejournal.com profile] itsproductivity 4/26: What you talk about in the dark and 4/27: It made you stop in your tracks. Zombie AU, follows New World Order.

Parker gave off heat like an electric blanket, Dewey was pleased to discover, and he didn't even complain when Dewey wedged his perpetually-chilled feet between his shins. It was a fair trade-- "You make an okay pillow," Parker had mumbled, head on Dewey's chest, and fallen asleep promptly.

pillows with shoulder bones... )
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Title: New World Order
Character: Dewey Ceinion (& Ambrose Parker)
Rating: R
Word count: 843
Notes: [livejournal.com profile] itsproductivity 4/25: Something seemed different. Based in the Zombie AU I've been writing with Kristin.

what isn't different is a much shorter list )


Apr. 16th, 2008 04:24 am
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Title: Lit
Character: Dewey Ceinion
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 985
Notes: [livejournal.com profile] itsproductivity 4/15: A box of matches. Back to the Bad-Cop AU, because it's FUN. The morning after Obligations.

I can't find my lighter in the morning.

let's burn this motherfucker to the ground, Pookie! )
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Title: Obligations
Character: Dewey Ceinion (and continuing guest star Ambrose Parker)
Rating: Hard R
Word count: 1095
Notes: [livejournal.com profile] itsproductivity 4/13: Rock'n'roll. Continuing on from Favors

Dewey's apartment is surprisingly clean for a single guy. There's not a whole lot of clutter... but not a whole lot of anything much, either. A beat-up looking sofa, a hamster cage next to a window. The tv isn't great, but the stack of DVDs next to it don't suck too much. Dewey watches Parker walk around the room, then disappears into the kitchen only to reappear with a handful of menus and two beers. He sits down on the couch and waits for Parker to finish casing the place before offering him the bottle wordlessly.

and he didn't even take the coke, how about that. )
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Title: Favors
Character: Dewey Ceinion (guest-starring Ambrose Parker, lol)
Rating: R
Word count: 1391
Notes: [livejournal.com profile] itsproductivity 4/12: Dubious intentions. I can't resist AUs, and this is particularly early-onset. Dewey's archetype is the New Cop. But it was a close pick between that and the Bent Cop. Very dubious consent issues.

the thrill of blood comes instantly; there's only darkness at the finish. )


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