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From May 1, 2017 to January 27, 2020

1. Maintain a stable mood.
2. Write 10,000 words a month.
3. Write one poem a month.
4. Finish one prompt table per year.
5. Do WriSoMiFu / NaNoWriMo every year.
6. Make at least one piece of jewelry a month.
7. Read 150 books.
8. Keep my Goodreads account updated with what I've read.
9. Watch 150 movies.
10. Go to ten museums/zoos/aquariums.
11. Go to a concert at least once every three months.
12. Go to at least one festival or fair a year.
13. Go to at least one Renaissance Faire a year.
14. Host a board game night every month.
15. Do yoga once a week.
16. Donate blood every 8 weeks.
17. Practice ukulele once a week.
18. Bake bread once a week.
19. Make dinner from scratch once a week.
20. Write a letter to a friend every two weeks.
21. Send a package to a friend once a month (Redditgifts exchanges count).
22. Drink 64oz of fluids a day; half should be water.
23. Color something every week.
24. Take up drawing again.
25. Weed book collection, donate what I don't want.
26. Weed DVD collection, see what can go on SwapaDVD.
27. Clean out pantry and cupboards, get rid of expired food.
28. Inventory pantry and cupboards, keep inventory accurate.
29. Apply the KonMari method to my belongings.
30. Clean closet seasonally, donate at least 10 things.
31. Keep current with my student loan payments.
32. Continue putting money into a rainy-day fund; do not take any money out of it except in crisis situations.
33. Make and adhere to a budget.
34. Learn how to knit.
35. Learn how to crochet.
36. Learn how to use a sewing machine.
37. Make a quilt from old t-shirts.
38. Learn how to meditate without a guided meditation track.
39. Learn how to dance.
40. Learn how to take better pictures.
41. Grow something edible. An herb or a tomato plant or something.
42. Watch makeup tutorials. Learn how to do it well.
43. Perfect manicure skills. Stop fucking up nails as soon as I do them.
44. Get a Ravenclaw tattoo.
45. Get a Butcher tattoo.
46. Get a dragon tattoo.
47. Get a professional massage.
48. Get mermaid hair.
49. Go to a day spa.
50. Visit a distant Wells friend every year.
51. Meet up with a local Wells friend once a year.
52. Visit the West Coast, see Deana and/or Phillip.
53. Climb a mountain (Adirondack? Green?)
54. Run a roleplaying game (even just a one-shot)
55. Finish a video game.
56. Memorize a poem.
57. Throw a dinner party.
58. Attend a rally.
59. Volunteer with a local charity (ACLU? Social justice center?)
60. Plan my jewelry classes 2 months in advance; get supplies list to librarian at least 2 weeks before classes.
61. Keep something in my Etsy store at all times.
62. Cook through an entire cookbook.
63. Achieve 175 works at AO3.
64. Record 20 podfics.
65. Get a fitted suit. A nice one. With pinstripes.
66. Try some cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques in a more structured way than I've been going about it.
67. Figure out what my morals really are.
68. Write out the manifesto of what it means to be me.
69. Leave a postsecret secret in a library copy of one of the Postsecret books.
70. Read all of the Discworld books.
71. Re-read all of the Dresden Files books.
72. Watch all of Star Trek: The Original Series
73. Watch all of Star Trek: The Next Generation
74. Watch all of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
75. Watch all of Star Trek: Voyager
76. Watch all of Star Trek: Enterprise
77. Watch all of Chuck.
78. Watch all of the Star Wars movies.
79. Watch all of the Pixar movies.
80. Have a super girly slumber party with manicures and girly drinks and chick flicks.
81. Cosplay to something with Spencer.
82. Volunteer at the animal shelter once a month to play with cats.
83. Drop acid with friends.
84. Inventory my Pops.
85. Find a way to display my Pops better.
86. Make a teddy bear at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory.

97. Get my passport.
98. Leave the country.
99. Learn how to drive.
100. Get a car.
101. Learn how to take care of the car.
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