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Title: Blatant Feelings
Characters: Quentin Kinley and Tyler Jordan Graham
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3590
Notes: The third day after they started touching each other.

Timeline: August 2013

"You're so skinny," Tyler Jordan said, looking over the back of the couch, and Quentin arched an eyebrow at him as he walked from the bathroom to his bedroom with a towel around his waist.

"We can't all look like you, you know."

"I'm not criticizing you," Tyler Jordan said, following him to the bedroom and lingering in the doorway as Quentin let the towel fall and dug through a drawer. "I'm pretty fond of the parts of your body I'm acquainted with and I'd like to get to know the rest of it."

"Yeah? All right," Quentin said, turning around with a slight smile. "Go right ahead. I'm pretty sure I've seen more of you than you have of me, with your tendency to walk around half naked. Might as well even the score a little." He didn't bother grabbing any clothes, just walked closer to Tyler Jordan, trying to keep his chin up and not duck it shyly. Tyler Jordan grinned and reached out for him, stroking a hand down Quentin's hairy chest before pulling him closer by his narrow hips.

"I like you naked," he said, "you look good in nothing."

"I don't like being this exposed usually," Quentin said, wiggling a little at the tease of Tyler Jordan's fingers up his ribs. "I do like how you're looking at me, though."

"What, like I'm trying to figure out where I should put my mouth first?" Tyler Jordan walked Quentin backwards until his legs hit the bed, then gave him a push to send him sprawling on his back. "I don't know where to start. Hmm..." Quentin shifted up on the bed, and Tyler Jordan settled between his legs, both hands running over Quentin's thighs before he paused and looked closer where his hands had just been. There were a series of pink lines marring the pale skin of Quentin's thighs, and Tyler Jordan traced a couple with his fingertips before looking up curiously. "What're these?"

"What do you think they are?" Quentin asked flatly, reaching down to cover the marks. Tyler Jordan blinked.

"I don't know, that's why I asked."

"They're scars," Quentin said, scowling.

"Yeah, but how--"

"Are you really that sheltered?"


"I made them," Quentin said. "On purpose." Tyler Jordan still looked puzzled, but now he looked concerned too, and Quentin sighed. "I don't do it any more, okay? I haven't done it in a few years."

"Can I look?" Tyler Jordan asked, and Quentin hesitated before moving his hands away. The marks were thin, clearly long healed, but still obvious, and there were several of them on each leg, a few more on the right than the left. Tyler Jordan studied them for a moment, then leaned down to press his lips against the scarred skin. "You were a lot more sad before I met you," he said, not a question.

"I'm not a happy person," Quentin said, and he ran his fingers through Tyler Jordan's hair gently, trying to get him to look up. "I really never have been. You should know that about me."

"Duly warned," Tyler Jordan said, and he kissed Quentin's other thigh. "Does it bother you for me to look at them?"

"I'd rather you not focus on them," Quentin said. "These aren't scars that I'm proud of."

"Okay. I'm sorry. How about this...?" Tyler Jordan's hands moved to Quentin's knees and his mouth found the unmarked skin of Quentin's inner thighs, and Quentin hummed and spread his legs a little wider to bare them for Tyler Jordan's attention.

"That's better," he said, and when Tyler Jordan bit down experimentally he gasped. "Yeah, you can do that more." A slightly harder bite, and Quentin added, "I don't mind if you leave marks."

"Oh really," Tyler Jordan said, brows arched. "Don't mind, or want me to?"

"I want you to," Quentin said, "if you wanna, you don't have to..."

"Tell me if I hurt you," Tyler Jordan said. "I've only given one hickey before and Maria was so furious at me for doing it."

"You're not gonna hurt me," Quentin said. "I'm probably the furthest thing from Maria you could possibly have hooked up with."

"You pretty much are," Tyler Jordan agreed, and he set his mouth to Quentin's other thigh and started to suck a mark into the soft skin. Quentin made a decadent little sound and dug his fingers into Tyler Jordan's hair to hold him there.

"Use your teeth," Quentin said, and when Tyler Jordan did he made a louder sound and let his head fall back against the bed. "Yes. That's good." Tyler Jordan pulled back after a moment and skimmed his thumb over the reddened patch of skin.

"You mark up really easily."

"Yeah, I'm thin-skinned." Tyler Jordan huffed a laugh, and Quentin's lips twisted wryly. "Literally and figuratively, I guess."

"You sure you don't mind it?" Quentin reached down and turned Tyler Jordan's face up so their eyes met.

"I really like being bitten," Quentin said. "Please keep doing it. Leave as many bruises as you want, just not any place obvious." Tyler Jordan's brows arched, and he gave Quentin's body a very slow perusal, grinning widely.

"Okay. I can work in those parameters."

"It's a learning experience for you," Quentin laughed, and Tyler Jordan nodded.

"Pretty much everything we've done in the past couple days has been a learning experience," Tyler Jordan said. "But I'm a quick learner. And I should warn you that when I like doing something I wanna master it. So... I hope you're on board for getting a lot of experience in."

"I think that sounds doable."

"Awesome." The next place Tyler Jordan put his mouth was Quentin's left hip, but he was too bony to bite well there. "So skinny. Do I need to make sure that you eat?"

"I'm a fucking adult," Quentin said. "I can make sure for myself."

"Yeah, but food is social for me. I hate eating alone. And you're the only one here with me. So I guess you're just gonna have to deal with me feeding you."

"I see what you're doing here. You're trying to fatten me up and then you're going to push me into the oven. You're too nice, you have to be a witch." Tyler Jordan stifled a laugh against Quentin's hip and shook his head.

"No offense, man, but that would be one hell of a long-term project. And I'm not a witch. Or Hannibal Lecter. I'm not gonna eat you..." He nipped Quentin's side lightly. "But I will chew on you, if that's what you like. And I'm completely willing to suck you. So my mouth on your body is a thing that's gonna happen a lot."

"I'm totally on board for that," Quentin said. "One hundred percent in favor. And also down to reciprocate, for the record. Any part of it that appeals to you."

"I honestly don't know how I feel about being bitten," Tyler Jordan said. "We should definitely find out. A little later, maybe. I'm not done here yet."

"Don't let me distract you."

"You can't distract me, you're the focus of my attention." Tyler Jordan bit Quentin's shoulder, and Quentin tilted his head to the other side and nudged Tyler Jordan closer to his neck. "I thought you said not any place obvious. It's the middle of summer, this is pretty obvious."

"So don't leave a mark. But please bite there? Just a little?" Tyler Jordan kissed Quentin's shoulder, then trailed more kisses until he got to the bend of Quentin's neck and Quentin said, "Right there." He made an absolutely wanton sound at the touch of Tyler Jordan's teeth, and Tyler Jordan nibbled gently for a moment and then caressed that spot with his thumb.

"It might leave a mark anyways," he said, "I don't really know what I'm doing."

"I'm not that bothered about it," Quentin said. "Not like that many people really see me anyways. That's my favorite place to be bitten."

"Yeah? Right there?" Tyler Jordan bit that spot again and Quentin dug his hand into Tyler Jordan's hair to encourage him to stay there.

"Yeah. Fuck, that's really good." Tyler Jordan laughed and nuzzled against Quentin's neck when he stopped biting.

"Well. That's definitely a mark." Quentin touched two fingers to the spot and grinned.

"Thanks. Come here..." He tilted Tyler Jordan's head back and kissed him thoroughly, laughing a little when Tyler Jordan moved to trap Quentin underneath him. "You're so enthusiastic. I feel kinda special."

"You are special," Tyler Jordan said. "Special to me, at least. You're the only person I know this intimately. You're absolutely unique in my life."

"Yeah, well, you're pretty special to me too. You're my favorite person."


"You've been my favorite person for a few weeks now. Getting each other off is a great addition to our friendship but even before that... you've gotten closer than I've let anyone in years. Just sitting together on the couch every night or whatever."

"Well, good, I'm glad." Tyler Jordan kissed Quentin, kissed him a couple more times for good measure, then beamed down at him. "You're cute. Have I told you that?"

"I'm not cute," Quentin said.

"I don't mean cutesy-cute. I mean you're good-looking."

"I'm still not."

"I think you are. I like how you look. And I like this..." He shifted slightly, body pressing against Quentin's. "I like how you feel under me. And yesterday I liked how you felt over me. It's good." Quentin curled his hands around Tyler Jordan's hips, and Tyler Jordan hummed quietly as they moved together. "Do you like it?"

“If I didn’t, I wouldn’t keep doing it.” Tyler Jordan arched a brow at him, and Quentin smiled slightly. “Yeah. I like it a lot. I like you a lot.”


“Are you still clothed for a reason? Cause I think you shouldn’t be.”

“Not particularly?”

“I don’t think I should be the only naked one any more.” He pulled at Tyler Jordan’s shirt until Tyler Jordan pulled it the rest of the way off, then slid his hands down the back of Tyler Jordan’s shorts and squeezed his ass. “Especially when your body is so much nicer than mine.”

“Don’t do that,” Tyler Jordan said, shifting off the bed to finish stripping off. “I like your body. There’s nothing wrong with how you look. You don’t have to compare us.”

“It’s kind of unavoidable…” Quentin reached for him and ran his hands over Tyler Jordan’s chest and down his arms. “You’re just really hot.”

“You have nothing to be insecure about.” Quentin snorted humorlessly.

“That’s the most blatant lie you’ve ever told me.”

“Quentin…” Tyler Jordan pulled him up from the bed and into his arms, setting his hands on Quentin’s waist. “Will you just accept a fucking compliment? You don’t have to be anything besides exactly what you are to turn me on, okay? I’m into you. What do I have to do to prove it, huh?”

“I don’t know,” Quentin said, looking uncertain. Tyler Jordan sighed and kissed him.

“You have the nicest eyes I’ve ever seen,” he murmured, nudging his nose against Quentin’s. “They’re the most perfect shade of green. I’m glad that we’re kissing each other now because every time you’ve smirked at me in the past three weeks I’ve felt the urge to kiss the smirk off your lips.”

“Really?” Quentin’s eyes went wide, and he sounded startled.

“Yeah. And you smirk a lot, you sarcastic bastard. I’m glad you kissed me first because I didn’t know how to make a move.” Tyler Jordan splayed a hand across the center of Quentin’s chest. “I think it’s sexy that your chest is so hairy.”

“That sounds like bullshit.”

“I’m serious. It’s totally masculine. You’re like the exact opposite of Maria in every way and it’s a little confusing to me that I’m so attracted to you but I really…” He kissed Quentin. “Really…” Another kiss. “Really fucking want you. Okay? I realize it’s only been a couple of days we’ve been doing this but I’m curious as hell and I think you’re hot and it would be really nice if you’d stop putting yourself down while I’m starting to recognize all these things about you that turn me on.”

“I don’t know if you’re frighteningly honest or if you’re a very good liar,” Quentin said, and Tyler Jordan rolled his eyes.

“I’m a shitty liar. Why would I lie to you? You’re my friend.”

“I don’t know, to get in my pants?”

“You’re not wearing pants. Neither am I. Do you need more reassurances or can I go back to using my mouth for more interesting purposes?” Quentin hesitated, and Tyler Jordan kissed him one more time, slowly and thoroughly and persuasively.

“Do whatever you wanna do,” Quentin said breathlessly when their lips parted. “Actions speak louder than words. If you want me to believe that you want me, show me, don’t tell me.”

“I can do that,” Tyler Jordan said, and he gave Quentin a gentle push to seat him on the edge of the bed. “No problem.” He went to his knees in front of Quentin, looking up at him with an open smile as his thumbs brushed over the scars on Quentin’s thighs. “You really don’t have to worry about me lying to you. I’m a terrible liar. So when I say I’m having fun, you know I mean it.”

“You’re very blatant about what you feel.”

“Yup. Hiding my emotions is stressful. And I’m not embarrassed about my feelings.” Tyler Jordan wrapped a hand around Quentin and stroked him a couple times, leaning in to bite at one thigh playfully on his way to get his mouth around Quentin’s cock. Quentin made a happy sound and ran his fingers through Tyler Jordan’s hair, getting a glance up from mischievously bright brown eyes.

“I think I believe you.”

“Good, you’re learning. As soon as you stop questioning me your life will be easier. Cause I’m always honest and I’m always right.”

“And you’re always full of yourself,” Quentin added, and Tyler Jordan smirked at him.

“Am I unjustified?”

“So far, you’ve been justified.”

“Have a little faith, Q,” Tyler Jordan said, then shut them both up by taking Quentin in his mouth, already bolder than he’d been the first time he’d done it. Quentin’s mouthiness evaporated into a gasp and he settled his hands on Tyler Jordan’s shoulders, fingertips digging into his shoulderblades.

“Shit, you look way too good on your knees.” Tyler Jordan glanced up, eyes full of amusement, and traced his tongue around the tip of Quentin’s cock, making him gasp again. “Fuck. Do that again.” He did, slower this time, and Quentin stroked his thumbs against the sides of Tyler Jordan’s neck, biting his lip to keep himself from talking the whole time.

Tyler Jordan didn’t need the commentary when Quentin was still far from silent, letting himself be guided by pleased whimpers when he tried different things, figuring out what Quentin liked from the sounds he couldn’t help making. Tyler Jordan might be blatant about what he felt with what he said, but Quentin was completely obvious without the need for actual words. It was easy to tell what Quentin enjoyed and it wasn’t a whole lot more difficult to make him come, swearing and clutching at Tyler Jordan’s shoulders desperately. Tyler Jordan sat back, swiping a thumb at the corner of his lips and sucking it clean with a decidedly smug expression.

“You’re so easy.”

“I’m not easy,” Quentin said immediately, scowling when Tyler Jordan laughed. “I’m not.”

“If you’re not easy, then I must be good.”

“That I can agree with. Although most people wouldn’t take it as a compliment to be called a natural cocksucker.”

“Not when you put it like that,” Tyler Jordan said with another laugh. “Jackass.”

“Well, I mean it as a compliment.”

“Uh-huh.” He stretched out on the bed next to Quentin and gave him a sweet smile. “All the sounds you make when I touch you are such a turn-on. I didn’t realize what a rush it would be to please someone else.”

“That says a lot about the kind of person you are,” Quentin said, propping his head on one hand and reaching out with the other to trail his hand down Tyler Jordan’s chest.

“Oh? What kind of person am I?”

“Not the kind of person I’m used to.”

“You’re not the kind of person I’m used to either,” Tyler Jordan laughed, dark eyes watching Quentin’s fingers make their slow way down. “But we mean very different things with the same phrase.”

“I’m used to terrible, selfish people.” The breathy sound that escaped Tyler Jordan when Quentin’s hand wrapped around him brought a smile to Quentin’s lips. “People who wouldn’t do anything nice without an ulterior motive or unless they were getting the better end of the deal.”

“That’s not how I operate.”

“That’s why I like you. You may be the only person in my life with good intentions.” Tyler Jordan reached up to thread his fingers through Quentin’s hair and pull him closer for a kiss, then fell back against the bed when Quentin started stroking him faster. “I want to encourage you to keep being a good person.”

“It’s not something that requires reinforcement,” Tyler Jordan murmured, “but I’m not gonna complain at all if my being nice inspires you to be nice too.”

“You’re so weird. I don’t even know what to do with you.”

“This is good… keep doing this.” Quentin laughed, and Tyler Jordan grinned at him. “Seriously. You don’t have to change a thing. I like what we do together. I like going on adventures with you, I like staying home and getting trashed with you, I really like what we’ve been getting up to in the past couple days.” He brushed his fingers over Quentin’s wrist and Quentin’s grip tightened slightly. “Fuck, can you go a little tighter and a little slower…Mm.” Tyler Jordan hooked an ankle around Quentin’s leg and canted his hips a little higher when Quentin did what he asked. “I’m also open to more kisses.”

“Oh, are you.” Quentin moved closer, but not close enough to kiss. Tyler Jordan arched his neck and gave Quentin his best puppy eyes.

“I’m a big fan of kisses.”

“I never would have guessed.” Quentin skimmed his lips over Tyler Jordan’s cheek before teasing his mouth with the hint of a kiss, pulling back a little when Tyler Jordan tried to get a real one. He looked delighted when Tyler Jordan made a frustrated little sound and caught his face between both hands to take the kiss he wanted, laughing against his mouth and kissing back once he’d been caught.

“Don’t be a bastard,” Tyler Jordan said, and Quentin laughed again.

“I can’t do that. Sorry. That’s just how I am.”

“Fine, be a bastard, but don’t tease me right now. You can tease me later, but I want to be kissed now.”

“Remember you said that,” Quentin said, kissing Tyler Jordan before he could second-guess what he’d said. Tyler Jordan’s hand slid to the back of Quentin’s neck and he sighed happily as Quentin’s tongue slipped between his lips and Quentin’s hand sped up slightly with a firmer grip on his cock. Quentin had no plans to let him say anything else, either, rewarding every pleased sound with another passionate kiss, keeping Tyler Jordan thoroughly preoccupied until the pleasure crested and he fell back against the bed with a gasp.

“Oh… holy shit. Is it dumb that I can tell you play video games? You’re good with your hands.” Tyler Jordan brushed Quentin’s hair back from his face and grinned up at him a little dopily.

“That’s kinda dumb,” Quentin agreed, but he looked as pleased as Tyler Jordan felt, in his own way, a slight smirk on his lips as he watched Tyler Jordan collect himself again. “Was that okay?”

“Mm, I’m happy. Are you happy?”

“I’m pretty happy.”

“Good. You said you’re not a happy person, so I’m taking ‘pretty happy’ as a good accomplishment.” Quentin’s brows arched, surprised that Tyler Jordan paid that much attention to the things he said, and Tyler Jordan smiled at him. “I like you happy.”

“Well… don’t get used to it,” Quentin said, and Tyler Jordan’s smile widened.

“I also like a challenge.”

“I am challenging.”

“Are you sure you’re not challenged?”

“I think they’re probably both accurate,” Quentin said, getting up from the bed and grabbing his damp towel off the floor to wipe his hand clean before falling back onto the bed. “I am happy though. I like doing this with you.”

“I like the thought of this being the new normal,” Tyler Jordan said, settling a hand on Quentin’s chest and drawing little circles through his chest hair with his fingertips. “Orgasms are great. Especially when I’m not giving them to myself.”

“Ha, I can agree with that. We should definitely keep this going.”

“Cool. We’re on the same page.” Tyler Jordan yawned, and Quentin’s gaze softened.

“You want to sleep in here again tonight?”

“Sure. Your bed is nicer, your fan is better than mine, your room is cooler on hot nights. I’m never gonna say no if you make the invitation.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Quentin said, smiling slightly. “You’re officially invited for tonight.”

“Sweet,” Tyler Jordan said, leaning over to kiss Quentin sweetly.
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