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or, the art of repairing broken things with gold
being a story of two fairly stupid young men who are the best thing that ever happened to each other

The Charahub defining every named recurring member of this continuity and how they fit together, but mostly you need to know Quentin and Tyler Jordan

Questionable Content: a soundtrack for Quentin and his evolution
Pop Rocks & Coke: a soundtrack for their relationship
Flawed Vows for Flawed Boys: a soundtrack for their commitment
Any Which Way You Want: a sex mix for the amateur kinksters
Sunbeams for a Storm Cloud: a soundtrack for Tyler Jordan and the way he loves Quentin

Running wordcount: 245,215 words at 6/16/16

Alternate Universe scribbles:
Alternate Universe Megamix: a soundtrack with one song for each AU

-A Kiss Is Just A Kiss (PG, 590 words) and A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss (PG, 1660 words) In which Quentin and Tyler Jordan meet while they're in high school. (set in 2005)

-Untitled Band AU (NC-17, 1520 words) In which Quentin recruits Tyler Jordan to play in his band and things get pretty gay on stage and then off stage.

-Untitled Kingsman AU (PG-13, 1425 words) In which Tyler Jordan is a spy and Quentin is just trying to pull a paycheck.

-Untitled Wings AU (R, 3860 words) In which they have wings... because wing AUs are a thing... don't ask... in which rumpled wings are set to rights.

-Untitled Love Mark AU (PG-13, 880 words) In which a person gains a tattoo when they fall in love, and in which Quentin knows exactly the moment he falls.

-((watch this space)) In which there is a zombie apocalypse.

-((watch this space)) In which Tyler Jordan is not entirely human.

-Cat Scratch Blues (Beauty and the Beast AU, R, 7125 words) In which Quentin is cursed and Tyler Jordan is his friend (but also kind of his pet).

-Defection (Star Trek AU, PG-13, 2425 words) In which Tyler Jordan is a good Samaritan and Quentin is in desperate need of someone to understand him.

-Aught But Death (Shadowhunter AU, PG-13, 910 words) In which Quentin vows his devotion in the most blatant way he knows how.

-Kintsugi (NC-17, 14150 words) aka the soulmark AU... in which they realize they're meant for each other as soon as they meet, but the way they felt about each other before that meeting was wildly different.

-The Friendly Neighborhood Fairy (NC-17, 8070 words) In which Quentin is (as usual) a messed up closet case, and TJ is basically the same, except (unusually) doing sex work to get by.

-Loyalties Among Thieves Part 1 (PG-13, 4080 words) Part 2 (PG-13, 3415 words) Part 3 (PG-13, 3570 words) (work in progress)
In which Tyler Jordan needs a safecracker for the heist his crew is about to pull, and he makes a very injudicious decision in order to build trust between himself and the person he finds to fill that role.

-Catalysts (the vampire/werewolf AU, which has its own soundtrack)
--Outcasts (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, and Liv, NC-17, 8500 words) In which a vampire meets a werewolf and things happen that by all rights shouldn't happen.
--The Moon For Which I Howl (PG, 2890 words) In which Tyler Jordan is Quentin's prey.
--Catalysts (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, and Liv, PG-13, 3240 words) In which the boys learn a bit more about what they are and what they might have been before.

Canon timeline:

-A Formative Moment (For Worse and For Better) (Quentin and Rishi, PG, 1900 words) An event which very much shapes how Quentin turns out later on. And an AU take on it, and on how he might have been had things gone better.

June 2013:
-Setting Sail on a Friendship (PG-13, 6235 words) In which two idiot boys meet in a bar on a very bad day and decide to run away together by sailing to Canada.
-A Little Fishy (or Twenty-three) (PG-13, 3180 words) In which Tyler Jordan and his entire school of fish move in.

July 2013:
-Let Me Kill It With You (PG-13, 1165 words) In which they get to know each other better, and like each other more.

August 2013:
-Ready to Go (NC-17, 7525 words) In which they horse around, get super drunk, and Quentin does something that he's surprised he doesn't immediately have to regret.
-Hands Open (NC-17, 1675 words) In which they agree that once is not enough.
-"You see, I woke up gay" (R, 480 words) In which Quentin's defense of his heterosexuality falls apart.
-Curiosity (NC-17, 3920 words) In which they do a couple things for the very first time that they're going to do a lot more in the future. Also in which is the first mention of Tyler Jordan's list. It's a very important list.

September 2013:
-((watch this space)) In which Quentin and Tyler Jordan decide that their war vet older brothers need to be friends instead of being lonely and miserable, and it goes better than they expected.
-random kisses and random blowjobs (NC-17, 390 words) In which the boys get closer.
-drabble: hands (PG, 100 words) In which Quentin discovers something Tyler Jordan likes a lot.
-Let's Be Alone Together (PG-13, 1345 words) In which they define what they are to each other.

October 2013:
-Double drabble: the importance of negotiation (NC-17, 200 words) In which Quentin discovers something that Tyler Jordan does not like at all.
-Halloween (PG-13, 1160 words) In which Tyler Jordan picks Quentin's costume for him.

November 2013:
-Conversation on a Theme #1: Quentin, Janet, and Donna (PG-13, 1030 words) In which Quentin fights with his sister and lets something slip.
-The First Fight (R, 2645 words) In which Quentin acts according to his nature, which is to say, self-destructively, and a piece of truth gets shaken loose.
-Don't Worry About It (PG, 1080 words) In which Tyler Jordan handles a few things, much to Quentin's bemusement.
-Thanksgiving (PG-13, 130 words) In which Quentin is thankful for Tyler Jordan.

December 2013:
-Responsible for What You Have Tamed (R, 3065 words) In which Tyler Jordan takes care of Quentin when Quentin can't take care of himself, and does a stellar job of it.

January 2014:
-Angel with a Nose Bleed (R, 1550 words) In which Tyler Jordan turns 24 and is no wiser for it, but Quentin is there to take care of him.

February 2014:
-Cold Season (PG, 1460 words) In which they care for each other.
-Conversation on a Theme #2: Tyler Jordan and Wendy (PG, 925 words) In which Tyler Jordan's sister makes him look closer at his relationship.
-Overnight Freeze (PG-13, 1810 words) In which Tyler Jordan refuses to indulge Quentin's bad behavior.

March 2014:
-The Driver's Seat (PG-13, 1540 words) In which Quentin places conditions on a nice thing Tyler Jordan tries to do for him, for both their safety.
-Who Keeps Your Secrets? (PG-13, 2255 words) In which Tyler Jordan goes snooping and does not expect what he finds at all.

April 2014:
-Secrets Exchanged (PG-13, 1250 words) In which they make pillow talk.
-Plans Are Presents Too (NC-17, 7590 words) In which Tyler Jordan puts a lot of work into making Quentin's 25th birthday epic.

May 2014:
-Not So Girly (PG-13, 1300 words) In which Quentin loses a bet and gets touchy about his masculinity.
-Double drabble: bad show (Tyler Jordan, Theresa, Max, Preston, Olivia, 200 words) In which With Intent To Sell fails hard.
-Functionally Unhealthy (PG-13, 1845 words) In which they're pretty fucked up, but lovingly so.

June 2014:
-A Beginner's Guide to S&M (For Dummies) (NC-17, 5590 words) In which Tyler Jordan refuses to give Quentin what Quentin thinks he wants, because he has a different idea about what Quentin actually needs.

July 2014:
-Double drabble: Terms of Endearment (PG, 200 words) In which they binge-watch Game of Thrones and Quentin gets touchy about his masculinity again.

August 2014:
-Amychophilia (PG-13, 340 words) In which there is a difference between "don't, stop" and "don't stop."
-Quickie: Favorite (PG-13, 575 words) In which marks are left on Quentin's skin and on Tyler Jordan's mind.
-Sing Me to Sleep (PG, 1455 words) In which Tyler Jordan goes, and Quentin stays, but they stay up all night keeping each other company anyways.

September 2014:
-Adornment (PG, 430 words) In which Tyler Jordan decides that Quentin requires accessorizing.
-Possessiveness (PG-13, 1005 words) In which they're both possessive of each other, in similar ways.
-The Things You Make Me Feel (NC-17, 1150 words) In which Tyler Jordan wants to know what Quentin feels when he's making him feel things.
-Drabble: smoke (PG, 100 words) In which Quentin wants to be the only bad habit Tyler Jordan has.

October 2014:
-Caught and Kept (PG-13, 2640 words) In which Quentin comes home in a bad mood and Tyler Jordan turns his frown upside-down.

November 2014:
-Mistake (Max and Tyler Jordan, R, 975 words) In which Max fucks up bigtime.
-What Stands In A Storm (R, 2275 words) In which Quentin's paranoia is justified, but Tyler Jordan won't let him do anything about it.

December 2014:
-Baby, It's Cold Inside (NC-17, 2195 words) In which the heat goes out and they keep each other warm.

January 2015:
-((watch this space)) In which Tyler Jordan turns 25 and initiates a snowball fight.

February 2015:
-((watch this space)) In which Quentin surprises Tyler Jordan on Valentine's Day.

March 2015:
-Definite Upgrade (PG-13, 1060 words) In which Quentin runs into an ex at one of Tyler Jordan's gigs and she's still a terrible person.

April 2015:
-Opening the Door (Quentin and Donna, PG-13, 1180 words) In which Quentin turns 26 and has something important to tell his mother.
-((watch this space)) In which the Kinley brothers and the Graham brothers have dinner at Donna's house, and Tyler Jordan gets to see firsthand why Quentin avoids his family.

May 2015:
-(Not So) Strait-Laced (PG-13, 960 words) In which Tyler Jordan and Quentin do some late-night texting.
-Drabble: ink (Tyler Jordan and Paul, G, 100 words) In which Tyler Jordan requests his brother's help with his first tattoo.
-Quickie: Learning (PG-13, 420 words) In which Quentin wants Tyler Jordan to teach him to play an instrument.

June 2015:
-Stay With Me, Go Places (PG-13, 1105 words) In which Tyler Jordan reminds Quentin of something he said now that it's a possibility.

July 2015:
-Dessert (PG-13, 1285 words) In which the boys make plans for the end of the month... and plans for the rest of the evening.
-Harmonizing (Tyler Jordan and Max, PG, 725 words) In which Max needs an answer to a question, and all Tyler Jordan can tell him is the truth.
-Let Your Dreams Be Dreams (Quentin and David, PG-13, 1300 words) In which David asks a stupid question and Quentin tells him the truth anyways.
-((watch this space)) In which Tyler Jordan brings Quentin to a family function in Massachusetts and shows him a whole slew of new experiences.

August 2015:
-Tangled (PG-13, 1340 words) In which Tyler Jordan makes Quentin decorative, and Quentin doesn't mind.
-Rebel Rebel (PG, 1610 words) In which Quentin makes plans for Halloween.

September 2015:
-With Intent To Sell goes on an international tour and Quentin comes along for the ride.
--Day 1: Detroit to Toronto (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, Max, Preston, and Olivia, PG-13, 2940 words) In which they start getting on each other's nerves before they even clear the Detroit metro area.
--Day 1: Toronto, Pre-show (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, and Olivia, PG-13, 850 words) In which Quentin is glad to be out of Detroit and Tyler Jordan is glad to be with Quentin.
--Day 2: Ottawa, Post-show (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, and Max, PG-13, 1770 words) In which Max and Quentin have their first unchaperoned interaction since That Time Max Fucked Up.
--Day 3: Montreal, Pre-show (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, Olivia, Preston, and Max, PG-13, 985 words) In which Quentin seriously contemplates homicide in a French-Canadian diner.
--Day 3: Montreal, Post-show (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, and Preston, NC-17, 2485 words) In which Rule Number One gets broken.
--Day 4: Plattsburgh, Pre-show (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, Max, Olivia, and Preston, PG-13, 1465 words) In which Quentin's competitive nature is put on display.
--Day 5: Burlington, Pre-show (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, Max, Olivia, and Preston, PG, 2655 words) In which a boundary is established and a ridiculously large sundae is eaten.
--Day 5: Burlington, Post-show (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, and Max, PG-13, 1000 words) In which that boundary that got established is immediately broken, and the consequences of breaking it are swift and severe.
--Day 6: Manchester, Pre-show (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, Max, Olivia, and Preston, PG-13, 4375 words) In which everyone needs a breather before they can keep dealing with each other.
--Day 6: Manchester, Post-show (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, Max, Olivia, and Preston, PG-13, 1480 words) In which tensions are defused, more or less.
--Day 7: Portland, Pre-show (Quentin and Tyler Jordan, PG-13, 1525 words) In which Tyler Jordan gets passed the stress ball, and he addresses it with chocolate.
--Day 8: St John, no show (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, Max, Olivia, and Preston, PG-13, 1895 words) In which they are in the car together for a very long time.
--Day 9: Halifax, Post-show (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, Max, and Preston, PG-13, 2175 words) In which Max is pathetic and gets what he wants anyways.
--Day 10: Bangor, no show (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, Max, Olivia, and Preston, PG-13, 700 words) In which compromises are made, but only regarding dinner.
--Day 11: Boston
--Day 12: Albany, Post-show (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, Max, and Olivia, PG-13, 940 words) In which a question is asked that was a long time coming.
--Day 13: Buffalo (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, Max, Olivia, and Preston, PG-13, 1015 words) In which everyone is made profoundly uncomfortable.
--Day 14: Detroit, home (Quentin and Tyler Jordan, NC-17, 3355 words) In which they finally get home and do what they haven't had the privacy to do in too long.

October 2015:
-Negotiations (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, and Max, PG-13, 4700 words) In which an unexpected proposition is made, resulting in extensive negotiations.
-Bittersweet (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, and Max, NC-17, 5940 words) In which there is chemistry between unstable elements.
-Oh! You Pretty Things (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, David, Preston, and Max, NC-17, 10275 words) In which Halloween goes off, but not without a hitch. Quentin reclaims an insult and takes a few liberties.

November 2015:
-((watch this space)) In which the fallout from Halloween takes place.
-((watch this space)) In which the boys are subject to Wendy's artistic bent.
-Devotional (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, Donna, Harold, Wendy, and Olivia, PG-13, 3820 words) In which the boys tie the knot, and their parents tell stories about when they were children.
-Things on the List
--Chapter One (NC-17, 5810 words) In which Tyler Jordan gets to cross out some more of his list, and Quentin has a suggestion to add to it.
--Chapter Two (NC-17, 5190 words) In which Quentin's suggestion is kind of therapy for him but is damaging to Tyler Jordan.
-Holidays with the Grahams: Thanksgiving (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, Harold, Kendall, Theresa, Wendy, and Olivia, PG, 5285 words) In which Tyler Jordan brings Quentin home for his first holiday as a member of the Graham family.
-Identification (PG, 1555 words) In which Quentin acquires something which is significant for multiple reasons.

December 2015:
-Quickie: Domestic (PG-13, 255 words) In which household roles are asserted, kind of.
-Whale Tales (Quentin, Tyler Jordan, and Max, PG-13, 2310 words) In which someone has an unwelcome opinion and Quentin lets him know that he doesn't matter. Also in which some Christmas shopping is done.
-((watch this space)) In which Christmas traditions are expanded to include the newest family member.

January 2016:
-Splish Splash (PG, 1270 words) In which Tyler Jordan takes a bath and Quentin helps.
-Lost Idols and Rising Stars (PG-13, 1300 words) In which Tyler Jordan gets miserable news on his birthday, but Quentin won't let him stay miserable.

February 2016:
-House of Memories (R, 5120 words) In which the boys house-sit for Donna on Valentine's Day.

April 2016:
-((watch this space)) In which the boys finally upgrade their living situation to something that suits them much better.
-((watch this space)) In which Max has a crisis and the boys console him.

May 2016:
-A Pirate's Life for Me (NC-17, 2370 words) In which there is sexy roleplay and Quentin looks way too good as a pirate.
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